Rabbits and Coyotes

by natashanelsonart


That feeling you get. I know you get it.
Excitement runs through your veins
A rush you have no control over and need not understand because if you do it just may ruin the whole experience, it will.
You’re happy.
No reason needed but you know it just took place.
Overwhelmed and astonished by my own self.
Reminds me of nothing because it never lasts and I have learned by now that one can not hold onto something so expeditious.
For reasons not so unknown I think of rabbits.
An accelerated grasp on an existence that will not last but am guaranteed to visit me again, unexpectedly. Uninvited whether I like it or not.
For something, for nothing. So alluring I just want it to come again no matter how brief.
An orgasm.
I feel so real and restless. Disturb me again for that known reason and satisfy that submerged agitation within me.
This makes me understand those that seek the animalistic hunt for accelerated intimacy…happiness.





yellow girl.  a classic.  a favorite to all.