This is how you reprogram.

by natashanelsonart

1) Go for a drive to your nearest beach/marina/sunset strip

2) Park

3) Take photos of yourself…think of something sad or real and cry…take a photo of that just to remind yourself later that you are human.

4) Familiarize yourself with adventure time…Fuck it…paint it.

5) Fill a wine glass to the rim and go lay in bed (bring the bottle with you)

6) Spotify




“You made ME!” -LemonGrab and PB


Edmond Ferry Beach Lookout midnight stroll to ease those little mind jumbles….

….Ill leave the sad face pic for a worthy time, like a poem.  I’m so original.

I highly suggest these steps.  If you happen to unfortunately live no where near water…cliffs and lookouts.  Just as good.  Brings you to reality with nature and clears the minds.  It’s beautiful.