Progress shot…C** shot. Come on now.

by natashanelsonart

Progress shot...Cum shot.  Come on now.

Bring me your tools.
Show me and let me taste it, the whole cake, frosting, eternity is too short.
Finally at ease and becoming one with the vision that was clouded by judgment and sickness.
The cure to this sickness is something so raw and hard.
Shall I draw that sensuous, sin incriminating flow of life? Yes.
I won’t rush this time…Suck it in and absorb it.
My bitch. I don’t feel so bad. She is exhausted, she knows what’s up. Present and affectionate.
Layered in pearls, diamonds and internal light she feels sad but remembers…
What is broken can be trained. Cured and reconditioned.
Give me your tears and surrender to my heat.
Take it in, all in… like you know and as you have been trained.
I admire life and it’s donations. Blinded by crimson dreams and release, it is now known.
To me.
Known, only to I and no one else…just as I love and behold.
Some things never change.
There was a time that what was known could be shared…no more.
“Rose tints my world and keeps me safe from my trouble and pain”.

It’s all over.
So it begins.

(My midnight project and guide)