The Artist

I feel as if I should just copy and paste my Artist Statement in here…but it feels so wrong and uncomfortable, therefore I will do it at the end.

Natasha Nelson.  I am a Seattle based Artist here in Washington state that has focused on mostly girl/girl on girl/fetish-esque type art and genres.  Though the definition sounds intimidating, the art is not.  I find my pieces appealing to a very large range of people and audience, larger than I would even consider possible.  My style has evolved from a High school graduate entering school for fashion design in hopes to become a lingerie designer.  That, however, did not last too long until I realized that it was the art that was driving me, not the design.  Eventually I would like to get more into creating tangible pieces and apparel but that is secondary to my passions as a painter.

I find it extremely difficult and painful to explain to others what it is I paint and my genre sequences…it is an ongoing battle I have.  One day.  One day, I will be able to answer confidently and honestly EXACTLY what it is I am trying to overcome and portray.  Until then people are going to have to just deal with my awkward answers and hesitant responses.  I am starting to believe that my genres and collections have yet to be discovered.  At least I have yet to come across something similar.

There is so much more to me, my life, my art and all that is in between that it would take hours on end to sum it up into one ‘about me’ page…so I will let my blog fill in the pieces.


Now onto, my artist statement.

Writing a statement is a very strange thing to me. Almost as if I am trying to sell myself to the viewers or the jurors. Granted, sure, we are all trying to sell ourselves at one point or another in our lives whether it is in a job, relationship, family or social gathering…as an artist it feels slightly more unnatural. I would never sell myself to anyone when it comes to accepting my art. If they like it, they like it- If they don’t, they don’t. However, to get a person to relate to what I am trying to portray is something that I aim for.
Inspiration can come from almost anything and anyone that I come into contact or interest with. Beginning with an inspirational approach that was more research infused with web searches within fetish and bondage lifestyles the process has drastically evolved into a more personal appetite. That is where my mask line and comic series that are currently in works has found its way into my life. There is much more behind it, but that will be left for another statement, another time…when it’s more sought after and intact.
The pieces I created are tame, in my own opinion. I want people to not only relate to the pieces in a sensual form but a prurient fashion as well, without feeling incompetent or hesitant. The piece could involve bondage or chains or even sexual acts but the goal is to keep it inviting to any and all so that any sense of distress or unease will be overwritten by senses of curiosity and beauty. In the end, I don’t want to isolate any part of my audience because of content. I want to keep the audience interested and allow the audience to grow and expand. This growth and expansion can hopefully evolve into something great and improved so that certain acts and lifestyles are not looked at as alien but more fascinating and intimately intrigued within their own personal boundaries and fixations.
That’s the ultimate goal, I suppose. This may change over time, but if I can get even the most conservative viewer to find some sort of curiosity and/or interest within my visions then I am doing something right in my artistic evolution. I don’t want people to turn away; I want them to be unconsciously tuned in…With conscious intentions.